All of our racial ideology are social constructs – whether anti-racist or not we make them up. Within our ideologies about race are implicit understandings and agreements about each other.

Whiteness- -is a quality, or state of being which expresses white identity in a dominant stature.

Whiteness exists in its purest form within the Nation America. American Nationalism projects a sense of dominance among all other nation-states. And whiteness performs the same function for the white race.

Unlike white supremacy- whiteness is a social-emotional manifestation of racism. Microaggressions are a particular manifestation of whiteness.

White supremacy is an ideology of total racial antagonism that exists in purest form within America. In a white supremacist culture, all human existence is violently forced into the social parameters of Whiteness.

Whiteness has no purpose other than masking the force of white supremacy.

Black and brown, non-white cultures have shared values which serve a purpose to create social bonds, to ensure safety, and to create shared rituals and significance.

Whiteness is a shared experience among White Americans. The social norms which go along with Whiteness are familiar across states.

Whiteness does not have shared values, shared significance. Whiteness does not provide ritual for significant events, which enhances social cohesion. Whiteness is not a value that enhances the social-emotional wellbeing of white people.

To begin to redefine Whiteness, WPP (white people with power) need a clear understanding of white supremacy as a socio-economic construct. Then you should work to understand Whiteness the as socio-emotional enforcer.

Whiteness causes damage for communities of color by hiding the violent force of white supremacy. Whiteness is a mask for oppression; it ignores/feigns ignorance and forces cultural dominance. Whiteness is an invisible social caste, which constantly overshadows the positive qualities in black and brown, non-white culture.

Whiteness damages all white people by reducing the range of positive human interaction. Whiteness takes for granted that all humans have complexity. Whiteness is the social erasure of white shadow personalities- and white guilt.

Even white people have darkness within. Great humans become shining examples by overcoming our negative personality traits. WPP who are ignorant of this shadow, are not motivated to aspire to a Whiteness free of white supremacy.

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