The World Without an Anti-Racist Superhero

The World Without an Anti-Racist Superhero

What makes an anti-racist superhero?

The ideal hero doesn’t quite know he’s a hero yet. His powers are still undeveloped though they may be showing through in other ways.

They may be an activist already, already politicized, passionate about a just cause.


An anti- racist super hero may not be fully aware yet. They could be as young as 16 (that’s usually when superpowers present themselves). Anti-racism super heroes regain touch with their youth to fight racism in smarter and more fun ways.

Before TWWOR the anti-racist superhero might have been a teacher, or a developer, a political aide, a truck driver, a freelancer. They’re probably educated or have plans to get an education. He will be confident. They might be well dressed, but mostly they were normal.

Anti-Racist Merits:  They’re confident, smart, hard workers.

Anti-Racist Weaknesses: They’re alone, They’re new to this world, and they are unsure about their powers.

But with every action or decision they are consciously thinking about how to abolish racism for good. That’s their bottom line. They chose to read #TWWOR because it’s a resource for them to accomplish their goal.

Ultimately what makes an anti- racist superhero different is that they will be willing to pick up this book. #TWWOR is a beacon calling out to all would-be anti-racist heroes “Read me and save the world”. #twwor
After #TWWOR the anti racism superhero will be a shining beacon to all mankind. Most will settle for an alter ego. They will probably keep their day job, since they’re good at being undercover. A quick change in a telephone booth, a secret life, a hero’s suit and mask.

Without anti-racist heroes we can’t win.

In The World Without Racism anti-racist superheroes will learn how to unlock their powers and control them. They will learn the true nature of the enemy we are all up against. Then they’ll be given tools to help destroy it.

Ultimately each anti-racist hero will have their own story and I cannot wait to read them all.

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The World Without an Anti-Racist Superhero

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