The World Without Enemies 

Racism affects us to our core, from the nervous and skeletal systems to our systems of government, justice and healthcare. All of our institutions are formed with some root of racist principle. In practice this looks like less  of everything. Less opportunities, less tools to cultivate any healthy sense of self, or community and generational … Continue reading The World Without Enemies 

Write the World Free at PowerShift SE LIVE 

This Saturday 8/10/16   Eleadah R. Clack will be taking The World Without Racism to the South. If you are in the Orlando/Daytona area come down to the WYNDAM Orlando resort for PowerShift and join the discussion. I am particularly pleased to be meeting at the intersection of climate justice and anti-racism. The climate justice … Continue reading Write the World Free at PowerShift SE LIVE 

Anti-Racism Vs. “I’m Not Racist”

What's the difference between asking someone for a favor and asking someone for a loan? In one instance your request can be professionally declined based on self-interest. Loans require the loaner to benefit either in interest or return on investment. A favor has nothing to do with self-interest. A favor is a kindness done to … Continue reading Anti-Racism Vs. “I’m Not Racist”

Using Your Race to Turn the Tables on Race

White People with PowerTM are doing pretty well in the world today. Yes even in His world. Because you're white you have privilege. "White skin privilege is a transparent preference for whiteness that saturates our society" <Tolerance. Org> Take it from another white person "It doesn’t mean that I, as a White person, don’t work … Continue reading Using Your Race to Turn the Tables on Race

Anti-Racism FAQs

1. What's the difference between Race and Racism? Race and Racism are different but defeating one is defeating the other.-- Race and Racism are different though very closely related. We want a world without Racism, not a world without race. Race helps us categorize. Racism has no useful purpose. Race can be a source of … Continue reading Anti-Racism FAQs