The World Without Superheroes

Every super hero starts out as a regular person.

Even the people we look up to, were once looking up to someone else, who they thought was stronger at the time.

There are certain characteristics that make regular people exceptional: extreme intelligence, physical prowess, profound knowledge, healing and calming abilities, breathtaking talents.

Every hero goes through a training period, deals with some uncertainty or maybe the loss of their abilities.

Anti-Racist Super Heroes are born of regular people who take up the mantle of justice, and eventually eliminate enough distractions to finally take down our mortal enemy.

Here are the makings of the perfect anti-racist-hero:

1. Outrage- a white guy who is righteously angry can’t really be beaten.

Anger and angst make the number one spot because they are fuel for a fight. The battle against racism is prolonged, and Racism will hold out until we lose steam.

Most guys (white guys) get angry over any perceived slight. Most of the time this anger flutters into maladaptive dissatisfaction. All men are encouraged to distance from their anger physically. Hence, white men harboring anger is one of the most dangerous forces in our society.

The source of those angers can be many fold, and it’s up to individual men to discover the root of their own. Until then the source of your anger can be used against you.

When thats not the case anti-racism can be a wonderful outlet for the excess energy. Anti-Racist men are extremely powerful against other angry men. A social connection immediately lowers the guard.

Any angst is an amazing unifying factor when it’s directed towards injustice. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished in no time.

2. Passionate- a white guy who is willing to use his passion as a tool can craft all kinds of destruction for our Racist enemies.

Even if you aren’t an angry Andy you can probably find some things that work you up and excite you. Passions for a cause, for people, or a craft help bring esteem and acceptance, and eventually overcome the everyday struggles.

Nine times out of ten, a passionate person can outwork an angry person, but anger is much more destructive. Without Anti-Racist Super Heroes- we cant win. When the goal is to destroy racism or be destroyed this puts passion at a strong #2.

The anti-racist movements goal is to destroy racism. When individuals hone their passions aligned with anti racism it acts as a candle lighting the way for others. And under those circumstances, millions can be ignited together.

But passions can often be misguided or abused. Passion without meaningful work can lead to withdrawal.

And without the rewards of hard work the passion eventually dwindles and is easier for our racist enemies to extinguish.

Even a passion for people can lead to burnout, without enough people on board, our passions won’t be enough to overcome racism.

3. Witty- a white guy who’s willing to use his brains and his voice, together in the fight for justice.

The number three, top trait for any Anti-Racist Super Hero today has to be wit.

One major weakness of racism is that it is confined to the human brain. It needs people to believe in it. Unfortunately it’s also most deadly in the form of human thought, it’s not a brain on its own, but it disables our thinking and removes any sense of common good.

Our Racist enemies have had the upper hand of platforms, power to speak up these beliefs.

But a hero with wit, can verbally take down racists, faster than a speeding bullet.

You learned to be assertive and it won’t fail you here. Brains are the back bone of anti-racist action. And when we back up what we know with quick fire, responses rooted in real solutions Racism crumbles. Seriously, without a backbone anti-racism won’t ever work.

If wit is your skill it’s important to know why you stand for your values. Values are nothing without legs to keep them running when the race gets thin. That’s the downfall with wit, when it runs dry we’ve got to have deeper anti-racist values to stand on to keep the anti-racist movement upright and moving forward.

4. Protective- a white guy who understands that his power comes with a responsibility to protect those weaker than he.

Most men are natural protectors. Most white guys are taught to protect only a few of the valuable things in their lives. Through patriarchy, and misogyny, men are mainly responsible for waging war to ‘protect’ women and children. An Anti-racist hero knows how important it is to protect anyone who does not look or love like they.

Today we reserve our spirit of protection for family, friends and social circles who sometimes don’t need as much as we’re able and willing to give. Fortunately there’s 7 continents worth of black and brown children whose future is on the line, (in case you, you know, needed the motivation). In your own backyard there’s black and brown youth, disenfranchised people of color and people along spectrums of sexuality who are going to be targeted in the coming months.

If you don’t already think of these people as your people I’ve got news for you.

Your people will let you down (it happens), your people feel that protecting a lifestyle is more important than protecting a million lives if they are people of color.

There may come a point when it starts to piss you off. But when You realize you do have a connection to black culture- you’re as responsible for its vibrancy and proliferation as black and people of color. You buy our music, employ us, and love our culture, even if from a distance. Once you realize all you have to lose this trait should kick in almost automatically.

As the old proverb says we’re “stuck together like glue”. Generations of white youth have either mocked or married the culture, on their paths to self discovery. Your anti-racism can stand guard to fakes, frauds and alleged allies. You’ve got to be willing to protect for those reasons that mean the most to you.

5. Energetic- a white guy who appreciates his energy, and uses his time toward productive anti-racist action is essential to our long term strategy.

As white people you’ve inherited time and energy that simply don’t exist for the traumatized people of color around you. Knowing when to use your energy for good, even knowing that your energy should be used for the greater good are esteemed qualities in anti-racism.

This is perhaps a great under rated quality simply because it can be quantified. A persons energy waxes and wanes through out life, they are likely to be powerful in some moments but weakened in other circumstances.

An anti racist hero with enthusiasm and abundant levels of energy can outlast the tiring racist beast. An anti-racist hero who passionately uses their energy to defeat racism is a godsend.

Any combination of these basic traits makes a pretty good defense against Racism in battle. By embracing an Anti-racism practice into your daily life, you’ll discover new ways to use your natural skill and instinct to overcome.

6. (Bonus Trait) Spontaneity

Timing is everything!

The risk of racism is that is lulls you to sleep, so being able to manifest your most successful form of anti racism requires this ability. You’ve got to be able to shake and move, throw the beast off course a little and then attack right back.

You could be the hero we’re waiting for. Do you have at least one of these talents? Can you think of other ways to use them in Ant-Racist Practice? Read The Anatomy of a Super Hero, for more.

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