The World Without White Identity

When  we talk about racism in the world we usually take the vantage that it’s a personal thing. We forget or ignore the systematic approaches at racism.

We also lose sight of the ways racism hurts our entire society.


White people don’t seem to see themselves as victims of racism.

That’s part of this problem. Once white people also see how racism sickens them from the inside they’ll be more motivated to end it. We all will.

This is bigger than us. This is about the generations of generations after us. The end of Racism affects everyone. The end of racism brings about a change that truly changes the world.

Racism affects how we build and maintain our identity. Who we are and who we become is tied up in what’s expected of us and who is expected to succeed. White men are expected to perform better and be better. Isn’t it time we held them to that?

One project of racism is to sell white people on a cheapened version of themselves in media/movies. Everyone around us suffers as a result.

Visit this site for more on whiteness. See the whiteness takeover in action.

There is untapped potential in whiteness.

Once white people are able to build an identity based on shared community and healing values, once racism ends, everyone will benefit. White people get to have an identity that’s centered on equality.

Learn to use your whiteness to destroy racism. Join The World Without Racism. 

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