Detachment opens the doorway to acceptance

in acceptance we stop fighting who others are, their opinions and our own -00 — are an industrious force for good ,

acceptance is not becoming fixed in a mentality or emotion. IT is not being attached on a version of who you ‘could be’ that can fool you. Acceptance has an attitude to let your life play out.

Acceptance finds balance in our uncertainty. Forces us to why do we need to be so certain, or uncertain? And are we certain?

Through acceptance we find a new relationship to uncertainty – Am I okay being uncertain? Or what is my uncertainty about?

We’ll find all new ways to be accepting of our uncertainty in this practice. Becoming the antiRacist hero you want to see is not a straight and clear path. Its riddled with obstacles. The setbacks might seem at times, enormous.

we can only win if we flow naturally on from these — new detachments.

Setting new intentions by choosing how we engage with a system of abuse around us. Making choices at the systemic level, like where to bank, how far to drive for food or gas, and spending within your community to give or finding ways to give back. These are how we take advantage of the rulership of capitalism.

Open/acceptance of the field of possibilities – we find new ways to resist.

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