Everyone needs to see their power for truth.

Eleadah R. Clack is author of The World Without Racism– a self help guide for white culture. With a lifetime of writing and editing experience she details all kinds of anti-racist possibilities. Eleadah is an ambitious and creative writer, researcher and organizer. The World Without Racism- a Self Help Guide, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

I began this journey two years ago as a challenge to myself. “Write a book in one year, just to see if you can”. And I did.

Before that I worked in non-profit as a Volunteer Coordinator where I used my research background to improve client care using volunteer labor. Then I worked for a small marketing firm in my hometown. I earned my bachelors and a Master’s degree in Sociology from St. John’s University in 2014.

COMING SOON: The World Without Racism- A Healing Guide for Black Culture

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More About The Author

I’m a 25 year old queer black woman with a family history of resistance and education. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC. During my time in New York I worked with the Audre Lorde Project, to resist police violence and gentrification in central Brooklyn. I organized digital strategies training with the New Organizing Institute, community safety efforts with Copwatch, and a feminist conference with Skillset. These are all organizations I recommend by the way! I fight to protect black and brown and queer and differently abled bodies.

I love to read. Here you can find some of my recent reads and recommendations.

I like art though I’m not that great at drawing. I’ll give a try to just about anything. I just downloaded a digital drawing app for iPad. I also enjoy sewing and woodworking.

I have been an avid writer since childhood and have continuously accepted any opportunity to improve on my work or collaborate. My other areas of interest include digital communities, economic influences on college students, religion, black womanism, and black cultural studies.

My writing inspirations are Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Octavia Butler and James Baldwin. I hope to write as brilliant fiction and theory as they have in my lifetime.

I also write here and here. Follow me on Twitter. Like #TWWOR on Facebook

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