This is why I’m not free until you’re free.

If time is your limit you’re limited by how much time it takes you.

If energy is your limit you’re limited by how much energy you have.

If money is your limit, you’re limited by a budget, or how much you want to spend.

If reality is your limit, you’re limited by what is right now.

Perfection is my limit, meaning I’m limited by how ‘good’ I ‘think’ this post is.

The scary thing about limits is that when anyone has limits on themselves they want to limit others as well. Why? Because no one is actually comfortable with limits.

They restrict, they cut, they impede. We only think they keep us safe. The minute we have a limit we become afraid of everything outside that limit. Everything outside the limit is free form.

Limits don’t make us safe because we can’t control them. Limits begin the illusion of separation, in part because we don’t see them as part of ourselves and our journeys.

I want to live free. Without restrictions, without limits, without money, without time. With only my self and my light to guide me. But ‘we have limits’ – we believe in limits.

Think of the privileges bestowed on us by XYZ systems of oppression. These aren’t even things we want, or need, let alone things we think we deserve. They are limits.

We can only try our best to live outside them, to work around them, to subvert them, because we know the end game, and in the end they’re really worthless.

If you value freedom- being able to live life as you please. If you want to live life without the restrictions and judgements of others, then we want the same thing.

The privileges and pride that comes from this world, this society don’t help us to live freely. We’re better off without them.

I can’t do any more than to suggest another way, to try my best, to escape the limit. That’s why I write a new way. Every piece of content is path to see that endless light within ourselves.

It exists, a different world, where my pretty privilege, your white privilege, his male privilege are all in the past. I know that place. I’ve seen it. You and I plant the seeds and they grow fruit- limitless.

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