The Anatomy of a Super Hero

Every super hero has an origin story.

Your origins help you develop your personal power into super powers. Super strength, super speed, the ability to fly- you can gain all these and more in The World Without Racism.

Every super hero has a unique character with a background, powers and a personal motivation for destroying racism.

An anti-Racist super hero is made of character, doubt, belief, pain, struggle and joy. Your special powers are made up of the experiences, hobbies, talents and backbone that you gain throughout life.

The Anti-Racist Hero
Every super hero has a reason to exist.

For most of your life you’ve probably been struggling. For most of your life you’ve probably been quite directionless. This happens to the best of us. That’s part of the reason you picked up this book.

TWWOR will give you the kind of direction that helps defeat racism. TWWOR will help you develop a passion for justice with which you can join the movement for destroying racism.

Equality and justice will motivate you when you feel you can’t go on any further.

Your humanness will remain. You’ll still make some mistakes. You won’t be beamed away to another planet, but we will end our war with Racism.

The final key to creating your anti-racist Identity is a healthy dose of Belief.

Every super hero has powers

The only way to tap into your powers is to get help. You’ve never been down this path before so you’ll need some assistance. Your personal power is the key to winning this fight. The good news is there is nowhere to go but up. Racism has to end somehow.

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