The World Without Personal Power

The World Without Personal Power

Power is an interesting topic. There are thousands of books on the subject ranging from academic to menacing. Power drives many of our daily choices. This or that brand of cereal, this TV network or a competitor. Many times we don’t see a person in power, other times we do. The lady running the DMV, a police officer, a doctor. Those are powerful positions.

One thing is true. Humans like when we are in power. We dislike when power is ceded to another. Power ruins nations and builds great walls, and armies. The common saying ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is an example of power gone too far. When power is taken away from us we crumble.

But there are other kinds of power that can’t be taken away. One is the power to read. You can be jailed, beaten and robbed but no one can take that power away from you. There’s also a personal power inside each and every one of us. Personal power is our ability to wake every morning and see beauty in another day, even when the world looks bleak.

Our personal power has more to do with mindset and less with brute force.

It is our power to connect sincerely with others, the power to be honest about situations are the way they are. Honesty is important for power, which is why so many leaders lie and twist their words in the quest to get ahead.

Unfortunately in our world, power is used to corrupt. In and of itself power is neither bad or good. With systems of racism, sexism, homophobia and classism in place- power goes swiftly to the head.

Not enough of us can use our personal power for good.

Our personal power is that ability to tell the truth to ourselves and then live in that truth. It is the power to see complexities in a way only humans can, and to reach through them and still find a way to connect. It is the power to change things just by having the thought.

Within our personal power there is the power to expose racism. A highly important task in the battle. Since racism is an idea with no physical form, it can only be exposed by other ideas. Our personal power and our personal truths expose racism by showing it first in ourselves, then in our close interpersonal relationships until the exposure finally ripples outward into every system created by man.

Once racism is exposed the battle begins. Learn who wins in The World Without Racism.

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