Anti-Racism Vs. “I’m Not Racist”


What’s the difference between asking someone for a favor and asking someone for a loan?

In one instance your request can be declined based on self-interest. Loans require the loaner to benefit either in interest or return on investment.

A favor has nothing to do with self-interest. A favor is a kindness done to you.

“I’m Not Racist”
You claim, as racism stares back blankly.
“I’m Not Racist”
You say as Racism sneaks out into the world from behind your back.
“I’m Not Racist”
You say while racism feeds on your thoughts and feelings.

“I’m not Racist” is the belief in the value of belief alone.

“I’m Not Racist” is passive, wanting handouts for doing the bare minimum of believing racism exists. So maybe it exists, but you have nothing to do with it.

You believe you can’t be racist. You believe racism doesn’t have as large of an effect as it does. You just want racism to be gone. 

But your investment in that belief hasn’t been repaid.

Anti-racism is a language of action not only belief.

Anti-racism is a reinvestment of privilege. It is show and prove. It is careful consideration. It is proactive.

Racism, is a problem that like all problem. Racism is solved with practices that de-center your experience of No Racism.

Anti-Racism is action. It uses white privilege and social capital to pay for the demolition of racism in everyday interactions. Anti-racism says:

“I’m on the lookout for racism today”

“Nothing will stop me from defeating this monster”

“When I open my eyes and see racism for what it is, I can be a cause for anti-racist good in the world”.

Thinking you are not racist by belief alone, makes you a victim of the lies of racism.

When you can’t even see the ugly beast it uses you indiscriminately.

It’s in your best self-interest to be Anti-racist. Anti-racism requires the discipline, the grit and the vision that are key factors to gaining success and achieving goals. Anti-racism allows the wearer to sidestep petty appearances and connect to people on a human level; boosting their results in every facet of life.

Anti-racism is the means to an end goal of The World Without Racism.

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