The World Without an Editing Team 

I would like to take this space to thank my Editors! They’ve done a great job making sure this project was bigger than life! We spent the entire months of June and July working together: Chapter One- Farrah Evita Chapter Two- Nathalie Chara Chapter Three- Chriss Sneed, Dean Kritikos Chapter Four- Chasite Palmer Chapter Five- … Continue reading The World Without an Editing Team 

Using Your Race to Turn the Tables on Race

White People with PowerTM are doing pretty well in the world today. Yes even in His world. Because you're white you have privilege. "White skin privilege is a transparent preference for whiteness that saturates our society" <Tolerance. Org> Take it from another white person "It doesn’t mean that I, as a White person, don’t work … Continue reading Using Your Race to Turn the Tables on Race

Anti-Racism FAQs

1. What's the difference between Race and Racism? Race and Racism are different but defeating one is defeating the other.-- Race and Racism are different though very closely related. We want a world without Racism, not a world without race. Race helps us categorize. Racism has no useful purpose. Race can be a source of … Continue reading Anti-Racism FAQs

The World Without Forgiveness

I know those people didn't have to forgive the kid, they did and I'm proud of them. I don't know if I would have done the same, but forgiveness is a tough enough to swallow pill. Venture Writing- Charleston, SC

The World Without Racism Turns 1

I was never the crowd-funding Type. I actually hated giving online. Not giving, as in the feeling when you give a gift to someone, but the unfamiliar digital process, the misunderstanding of how much it means to someone, how giving money builds a brand; a product. When I was just raising funds for the Thriving Leadership Conference … Continue reading The World Without Racism Turns 1

I Am Worried About White People

This is perfectly written

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I am worried about White people. 

It sounds condescending and patronizing. And maybe it is. But I am worried about White people. Even though my socio-political concerns on any given day are deeply embedded in the struggles African people face – on the continent, in the Diaspora, and their descendents who are hyphenated into the nations of others, I am deeply concerned about White pathology. White pathology, which makes its home where Whiteness has conquered and is privileged, which is everywhere. But especially as it manifests in the everyday White person – persons who make up our loved ones and workplaces and the society we live in and participate. 

Even when I experience a certain kind of secondary trauma of hearing and seeing the bloodshed from east to west Africa – the works of Al-Shabab and Boko Haram. Even when my heart…

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The Patriarchy is Personal

This article on street harassment is a little bit different, and I’m hoping that the context will change the conversation. When I see women in the street, I’m insulted. Beautiful women command your attention. Taking time out of my day just to ponder the mystery of beauty, the possibility of limitlessness. It feels like disaster, and … Continue reading The Patriarchy is Personal