Anti Racist Reality

We lose to Racism looking for order and stability. And by extension kill imagination, youth and vibrancy. We have rationally identified Racism, symptom by symptom.

Our present reality says imagination is something for children, something best left unto daydreams and fantasy, something for the mentally ill.

Lego Mural- Lego Headquarters

But the problem of racism is too big to solve rationally.

Without Racism this world isn’t useful to us, and —when we stop denying it, this fact moves us swiftly into a better reality.

We like racism. We like our present hierarchies. We like the hardness. We like the subsistence and the subservience. We like to be the hero in others down and out sagas. We like the crispness of it, the pain that it references, and the benefit that it brings to us and only us.

Racism is a useful ‘social power tool’

It gives boundaries and shape, questions and answers, articulation and definition to everything that we know about social inclusion.

It helps us define Who belongs to the human family and who doesn’t. Who’s made the family proud and who hasn’t.

Why we are fighting the focus?

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