The Most Dangerous Timeline

Are we in the most dangerous timeline?

Let’s assume that multiverse theories exist and that there are numerous other parallel universes that may or may not resemble the one we’re in now.  Let’s assume that all those parallel universes are lined up best possible outcome to worst.

In some of those universes racism doesn’t exist. The two or three choices in our history that ended up as an ingrained racist system never happened, happened slightly differently or racism just never caught on.

With all of our potential worlds and all their potential outcomes lined up against each other

is our planet earth still safe for future generations?
How far from Eden are we and how dangerous does our world get?


PHIL SUSSMAN Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli presents the Distinguished Service Cross to Staff Sgt. Christopher B. Waiters Oct. 23, 2008 during a ceremony at Soldiers Field House.

When potential evil futures outweigh our good chances of Heaven on earth, what do we do?.

In The World Without Practice we think that the good outweighs the bad- That a better reality still has a chance. But one factor affects our decision making and our ability to have #TWWOR: Racism

Racism is constantly pretending to be safety. It is lurking and aware that we seek shelter. Choosing racism ends up being eternal nothingness.

In any other timeline, Racism could be the cause of our fall. It can take us from living our great destiny -to putting one group against each other, to limiting beliefs about what’s best for the rest of the world. Lookin at Meta like 👀.

This is our most dangerous timeline. We’re in dire need of an  anti-racist faction. Likely they will need outside help.


Use The world Without Racism book to unlock your powers. Learn more.

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DANGEROUS EVIDENCE that we’re in the most dangerous timeline:

More Coastal Flooding 



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