Still Social Engineering Racism

Now it’s Midwestern families and parent groups, along with willing careless lawmakers who are creating the policy and social norms that restrict learning about racism.

American systems to operate as dehumanizing matrix. The Antebellum period is where the social engineering of Racism began. If we teach this history to our children do we think they’ll be more or less inclined to repeat it?

Old old factories and buildings were often built on top of the massive furnace that produced heat and power. Woven into the fabric of our social structures, societal norms, and government institutions, racism was set in motion to operate always churning in the background.

Racism is here to stay as long as the systems that run our society are running. If we limit the narratives we tell children, what hope do we have for our future?

The media constantly pushing the story to edges of our attention is but one way the imperialist system crushes our souls.

The world we live in values our next generations minds so little.

Removing words = Embedding policy

An Embedded policy is a systematic rule that favors Racism, especially dangerous when they absolve the subject of race from the letter. The Dixie South, being in positions of power-full all, power lawmakers learned this firsthand as civil rights progressed in the country.’ Racism has crept up on us so closely- in every level of government. It was never meant to be well-intentioned.

With Racism as the moral engine, America has foolhearty politicians , glorified baby doll men in power, to be used by whomever putting our future on the line and complicit in our own crime and destruction. This because the culture of whiteness holds it’s own mores above the values of any other. This makes Individual Awareness , and systemic change very powerful in overcoming Racism’s social engineering.

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