White People With Power

With great power comes the agency to destroy Racism for good.

White people with power (WPP for short) are consciously dismantling the racist schema’s they were taught. In this new mindset you see that Racism works all the time, locally, institutionally, socially, systematically and economically.

Remember that Racism knows our institutions because it was there when they were created. It observed our imbalanced society, and it wove into the fabric ensuring that it would snare us all forever. All white people default to whiteness and elicit racist behaviors. Racism emerges on subconscious level.

As a WPP you are clear that this cannot stop you from achieving the common goal of destroying Racism in our lifetime. In fact WPP understand that when they face the subconscious Racism they can prevent it from doing harm.

Your goal is to master your unearned white privilege as your superpower fighting Racism. Fighting Racism is your life’s work. So you’re in a position of power – what do you do now?

Power positions

Make Decisions

Positions of power are where decisions happen. Decisions within our systems of education, healthcare and government shape the experience of life we have. When white people are the majority in positions of power to make these decisions – you can make a choice that acknowledges the role of Racism and fights against it’s power. It might mean fighting and defending your choice under heat from other white people used to being in control.

Where your industry is, is where your impact will be. If you work in education, the choices you make will impact education for millions of Black and brown folks.

Ultimately your business decisions – like whether or not to have a flexible maternity leave policy, all the way down to how an organization deals with late employees- can make major changes in the lives of anyone who comes into contact with them.

Choosing to add new inclusive education material and systems discipline are radical ways of thinking about education which can save lives in the school-to-prison pipeline. As a White person in that position of power, what you do with your decisions, comes down to how our society spends money. It costs to provide public services like garbage, or libraries, and schools, and the decisions of WWP in these positions can add to the historic devaluation of Black people, or it can address the need with real dollars and change towards progress. Be sure to make decisions that align in anti-racism all the way down to the budget line.

Choose Direction

Every non-profit organization or business has a mission or a vision; the thing this organization wants to accomplish. The way the business interacts with their audience. For white collar White people in power, the ability to shape that vision can have impact on lives for years and years to come. Nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars and touch millions of lives, collectively. Businesses sell solutions to our problems and create a way to earn livelihood.

Choosing to address problems of racism and inequality, choosing anti-racism as a foundation is choosing a future where Racism dies.

Businesses and nonprofits have as a great impact on how the community perceives social issues like domestic violence, Trans and LBGTQ rights, even healthcare, gun control and education. Anywhere there is a media campaign, there is a White person in power, steering a massive amount of money and community attention.

Acknowledge this seat of power, and ensure that your work is aimed squarely at anti-racist practice and policies. When your mission and vision address systemic Racism at the beginning, you’re better able to assist almost any need that might come up.

Choose Location

Yes, location is everything. And location in this sense is more than just the street address. In this case social position- is an important location that can change the tide in the war against Racism. As a White person with power, even if you are not white collar management you can affect change by using the power you have within the everyday social hierarchy. Use the attention you get from social media, networks and industry expertise to point out racism.

Locating racism is one of the challenges to defeating it. It’s a moving target working in between the gears of every social institution. As an individual when you can point to racism in your industry you lend your power to anti-racism. Uplift Racism as a social issue consistently, and specifically where you have expertise. The intersection of these two locations are where you should focus your efforts.

Many white people get into positions of power because you are given experience and expertise by default. It’s taken for granted that you are the right person for the job. Be the right person for the job- the person who changes everyone’s grounding and footing when it comes to anti-racism practice in your industry. Use the energy you don’t spend earning a title or work experience can be used to shift everyone’s attention around you.

Practicing anti-racism means you will eventually build your own anti-racist allies within your network and social world. Practicing anti-racism will give you the chance to prove with actions that matter, that you a White person with power, harbor nothing but good will towards Black and brown folks.

I Benefit No Matter What

WPP especially understand that you benefit as well when Racism ends. The more social acceptance and equality there is, the more to go around. You will be treated just as right because rights won for any man are rights for all. It’s what the promise of America should have been.


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