Social Engineering Racism

America Dixie lawmakers created the policy and social norms that programmed American systems to operate as dehumanizing matrix. The Antebellum period is where the social engineering of Racism began.

Old old factories and buildings were often built on top of the massive furnace that produced heat and power. Woven into the fabric of our social structures, societal norms, and government institutions, racism was set in motion to operate always churning in the background.

Racism is here to stay as long as the systems that run our society are running.

Imagine the nation as a factory, full of heavy machinery – our systems, government, and civic duties. As America leaders transgressed on her imperialist regime she’s continued to feed the machine, oil its parts, and care for it wholly.

As a nation America practices racism and colonialism instinctively.

This is to say we need to break things, in order for Racism to be faced. Three things we need to upset Racism rather than mass producing its intricate traps.

  1. Embedded Policy

An Embedded policy is a systematic rule that favors Racism, especially dangerous when they absolve the subject of race from the letter. The Dixie South, being in positions of power-full all, power lawmakers learned this firsthand as civil rights progressed in the country.’ Racism has crept up on us so closely- in every level of government. It was never meant to be well-intentioned.

A State Human Services office opens up in Black and poor communities. One embedded policy is children adopted from the family shelter must go with the first family on the list. Further embedding in this policy states family members attempting to foster or adopt family, must have two administratives to vouch for them. A policy for safety for sure – but as poor Black children are exposed at a higher rate to state services they’re already the heaviest impacted and most likely to suffer because separation.

2. Symbolic Practices

In symbolic practice we do things which support some aspect of Racism, automatically and without much thought or mention. Simplest of things as microagression of the double-take. In our systems practices that on one end seem open and welcoming of all kinds, but actually disguise a masterful deceit of Racism.

A family member shows up at the Human Service office to file paperwork in fostering a sibling’s child. The family member has the two required administrative recommendations, and is a clear well candidate for fostering. The HS officer at first seems so excited for the family member to be there, and to take over the role of parenting. Then she checks and double checks the paperwork, before finally setting a release date.

All of our decisions power this factory, we each buy into America the dream, in small ways with regularity. Our imaginative tax that reaps from us the ability to imagine things any other way. Although the family member is willing and capable, the HS officer is shocked – the stereotypes of Black family are on shocking display, and the nervously micromanaging details of the application represents the systemic shock of ‘no one was supposed to care for this child’. Local government, was built to operate that way which guarantees the worst of service, and the least support.

3. Social Mores

With the social mores of American folly and fortune as values- America has the poorest of the quality of life, standards on food, fraud, and education. Even without Racism to guide it, America is a moral desert.

When your morals are grounded in pounding someone else into the dirt, so that you can stand on two feet this is the mishap you get. Many have said this is an intentional system, and we think it’s important to understand that people participate willingly. For the poor and Black people who need services- it’s a cruel joke to ask, to rely or believe in this system that morally devalues them.

With Racism as the moral engine, America has through the roof in crime and destitution. This because the culture of whiteness holds it’s own mores above the values of any other. This makes Individual Awareness , so powerful in overcoming Racism’s social engineering.

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