The World Without a Voice

Climate change is the number one evidence of racism- Its the scream of thousands of years of overexertion, segregation, and consumption.

Just like a dying organ, or a tree rotting from the inside we’re going to whither away if we don’t get help for our problem soon. Racism has plagued us since the 1800s, and patriarchy since before that. We the people have been struggling to keep hope alive as the rich grow richer.

A dying humanity is the consequence of a dying earth.climatechange.jpg

We lack empathy for ourselves most of all. Our ability to forgive and truly live even when we are wronged is tainted. We lack passion in our careers even as we work more. We spend less time with our families, less time with ourselves. Where is all of our progress now?

We have stopped moving forward because we got very comfortable in our fear of what’s next. In our fear of losing our luxury materials-In our fear of being too different. We would rather defend racism than our right to individual joy.

All of the distractions will fall by the wayside if we’re faced with water, food and oil shortages. We’re not there yet and we don’t have to hit the brink. If we come together now, The World Without Racism comes to be.

There’s a need to re-revolutionize the way we think about all of this. We are all connected. This is a basic fact. No one is helpless and no one is innocent. The more we are attuned to our likenesses rather than difference, the less of a need to classify and treat people differently based on social boxes.

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