The World Without the Brown Ones

Have you ever laid on your back, closing your eyes while facing the ceiling light?

Have you ever watched an intense movie on mute?

Have you ever imagined the world without the sunshine?

Can you picture the world without brown?
When laying on the bed facing the ceiling light, your optical nerves will create images based on memory and any sound you hear.
Just as it is to watch a film without sound, it is to see the world without brown. Something so small yet it makes all the difference.
There is no earth without sunshine. The human species can not and wouldn’t have existed without the BrownOnes. Our culture derived from our color. Every aspect of life now and then that was inspired by the BrownOnes
The beautiful variety we see in the human race would be limited to a few shades of pale pink. What is a gray sunset?
The world without BrownOnes.

-The Great Mo Morgan

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