“Dear Black People, I’m Sorry”

A young poet recently went viral after his mother recorded his slam performance of the poem ‘White Boy Privilege‘.

We here at The Written Revolution applaud the young poet, Royce Mann– He chose to tackle racism head on! He confronted the elephant in the room, and pointed out white privilege as a seed of racism.

How did this kid get it!? He’s probably just awesome! But the truth is he must also have amazing parents who’ve taught him anti-racist values. Big ups Royce. You keep hope alive.

The Written Revolution would like to dedicate this special poem to Royce:

Dear Black people
We hear you
Your cries fall not on deaf ears
We hear you
We speak promise and forgiveness, and righetousness
for you

Dear Black people
We know 
That survival through it all is not enough
We know that to thrive, 
Is to let youth breathe
To exhale hate and oppression
To breathe in and trust
Dear Royce
We hear you 
Words that cross boundaries and borders
Like oxygen
Invisible privileges 
and life-changing perspective
Dear Royce
we thank you. 





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