3 Goals for The World Without Racism

Hi, Welcome and Thanks for being here !

This community has come a long long way, from just the two hosts,

In the next year let’s see how well we can:

Build a practice – decide how you’ll fight Racism at the micro level every day/week. Figure out a way to made Racism go away, a bit more every day.

Build power – together we’re pretty unstoppable! Working together to envision a future so irresistible is how we build power. A future free of Racism only takes so much power to build.

Organized anti racist resistance – learn how to have fun with it. Enjoy your practice of anti racist heroism.

We revamped things here and over at Theworldwithoutracism.com and more to come. Don’t you want to come?

Sure you do: Sign up for updates to The World Without Racism 

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