Capitalism for Christmas 

**Sighh** The things we don’t learn in public school…

TWWOR Christmas

The Christmas holiday we know and celebrate used to be a cross between New Years and 4th of July.

No gifts, decoration or family dinners but lots of drinking and debauchery, very American.

Near the 17th century, Female anti-slavery advocates in the Northern Puritan colonies held bazaars and fairs to spread messages about the brutality of slavery and gave gifts to honor children instead. They shifted the holiday spirit from drunk frat party to holiday family time.

Nameless, faceless capitalists- the CEOs in charge of manufacturing companies ( who purchased their raw materials from slave labor) caught on to the idea of a holiday represented by gifts and were easily motivated to ignore the family and anti-racist mission in favor of a shopaholics wet dream Christmas.

The Fury of those Puritan women was buried under the capitalist pursuit of profit.

Instead of honoring the their truth these CEOnemies used that profit to further the empire of racism. They ended up stealing the win out from under these women, and here we are.

2x the work

We also have to be willing to use the victories of our enemies to our own advantage. How? Other than resisting with our dollar we have our voices and we have information. Manipulating the fact that these companies have us over might be our only chance.

It not realistic to suggest not spending any money for the holiday season, but we can always spend wisely. Support small, local and businesses owned by Black people.

Siphon resources from racism with intentional giving. And with gifts, give stories.

Racism is always hiding. But as its hold over our society spread it leaves parts of itself exposed. We must use these moments to attack. We must see these cultural trends for their racist origins. We must push the envelope. Just as this holiday too is coached in blood money we must continue to relive and fight for its original meaning.

Thinking of purchasing a gift for an anti- Racist new recruit? Find the print copy here.

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Image text reads ‘Purchase, Read, Repeat’ in white letters, all capital. Text is tilted to the right. In the left-most third there’s a double arrow symbol representing a cycle.

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