The World Without the Voiceless


This is the voice of humanity.

With all the possibilities on the web and all the media on the web, there are still only a few perspectives being expressed. Thousands of writers and contributors, all say the same things with the same intention to inform. Yet those who need most to be heard are silenced.

We are all so disparate in part because that is the nature of life- many petals to one flower. But at our roots we all yearn for the same sun. We all seek the same sense of belonging, we all want to flourish.

That cry to be seen is the same throughout. For some it is stifled before adulthood. Others lose their way along the long roads of doubt, consumerism and capitalism. We all get lost at some point. In the World Without Racism, it becomes a little easier. There is one less beast to compete with, One less wolf in the forest. Once we’ve eradicated racism, we know we can disrupt and disengage from capitalism. It is only a few steps to our final destination.

Buy into your own voice.

You can still change the world. You always have been able to. No matter how much racism has tried to hold you back in the past, you’ve always found a way around it. The World Without Racism is just here to remind you; remind you of the world we really wanted when humanity first said brotherhood, life and liberty, justice for all.

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