The World Without That True Love

When it boils down I must admit love and relationships are at the center of it all. Love itself can never be fully explained in words. It’s more of an auora; a feeling. Something like a cold glass of water on a hot summer day; ever refreshing! When expressed the right way it can make any situation, any obstacle, any setback feel like nothing at all. It’s healing in its purest state. It’s something like pure potential. What boggles me is though it is a Universal abundance so many lack the experience. So many times people equate love with superficial affection and there is a real and definite difference.

I know personally, it took many years for me to truly understand and even accept love. During childhood I watched someone dear to me express love and never fully receive it back. That tainted my view and expectation about love in general. I felt showing or expressing love too much was a sign of weakness. Not receiving love to the degree in which it is given would be a standard.

It wasn’t until I got into my first real relationship that I experienced just how scary love in its purest form can be if one is not used to it. I was scared that he loved me too much. I was fearful of the consequence of not loving him enough. It was through his love that I finally came to terms that this is how it is SUPPOSE to feel. It’s supposed to feel like sitting at the mountain top gazing at nature’s beauty. It’s supposed to feel like all one’s dreams have come true! Even in arguments and disagreements the element of love is still the center. Through this self-discovery I in turn found how to FULLY love myself (through faults, failures and insecurities) This is my truest desire for all friends, family and even strangers. Love is a gift that keeps giving. Everyone should have the opportunity and experience of feeling and reciprocating true love! This feeling of love is not only expressed for romantic relationships; it is intended for EVERY RELATIONSHIP.

I treasure my friends in my life. It is no accident that each and every one of them are present! Each person has taught me something along the path. Expressing and giving my love and admiration to them has become one of my goals in life. To much is given, much is required. Peace and blessings!

-Chasite Palmer
Co -Founder, New Kingdom Productions

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