The World Without Smiles and Laughter

The world without smiles and laughter. Could you imagine? Such an empty place and empty space. No bright eyes and warm faces acknowledging you on your darkest days. No warm smiles to let you know it will all be okay. We underestimate the ability to see you’re going through a difficult time and pick you up with a simple upward curve of a smile. Think about it there would just be dull emotions. Just gray and cold days, because even when the sun rises theres no ones smile or laughter to appreciate the beauty behind its day. And a child’s laughter. A child’s laughter! Do you know how contagious those are? They are the light beamers. They give me and many other reason to keep on breathing. Just pure innocence and genuine love is filled in their heart. They smile and laugh so artfully because it comes from their heart.

The world without smiles and laughter would be so dismal. All the other expressions would all be the same. Smiles and laughter I appreciate your beauty. You show the best side of people, you give life to a stressed out week too. All the pain can go away with a smile and laugh a day. More are always welcomed though.

Love and Light,


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