The World Without Enemies 

Racism gets in the way of our ability and willingness to imagine possibilities for ourselves and for the other. And it affects souls and lives on both sides of the coin.

For this, Racism is also the greatest enemy of all human kind.

Racism also affects us to our core, from the individual nervous system, to our attitudes. It infiltrates our systems of government, justice and healthcare. All of our institutions are formed with some root of racist principle.

Out in the world Racism looks like less of everything.

Less opportunities, less tools to cultivate any healthy sense of self, less community and less wealth for future generations. 

Racism takes up space from all the good that can exist

Communities and individuals show resilience in the race of Racism but many more are broken into less than human beings.

The many mutations and variations of racism force us to create new possibilities for our lives. In eradicating our most biting issues we must re-imagine our institutions, relationships, and values without the inherent racism. 

But defeating a foe that can get inside you is tricky. You have to block entry, while purging it from the system. You have to destroy its cells without destroying your own.

Racism is the enemy of all things human and living. Because we allow racism, we allow capitalism, and deforestation, and pedophilia, and ignorance. If we figure that racism is too hard to fight, we give up on every other moral fight.

Learn more about defeating Racism in The World Without Racism

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