The World Without Racism NOW Available for Purchase

Welcome to The World Without Racism! Thanks for reading.

Learn how to defeat Racism in this how-to-guide. In The World Without Racism, we attempt to solve one of the society’s biggest problems. Using targeted unlearning, practice and awareness we work step by step to smash Racism. If you’re sick and tired of inequality you might have the makings of an anti-Racist hero.

The how-to-guide delivers readers to a space of freedom and justice. By the end of The World Without Racism readers will have a new awareness of racism in their everyday lives. You’ll have tools for undoing the racism around us. By implementing these tactics you join the movement of anti-racism and the winning team.

Purchase the your copy.

We welcome your questions, comments and page views!

Please share TWWOR with your friends and family! Sharing is the best way to get the word out and defeat our enemy even quicker!

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