Winning a war against racism implies that there is a game being played….

If we have to beat racism, it implies that racism is our enemy. If that’s true, how well do we really know it?

My only goal is to end racism forever. That’s not true, I wanted to make money too…everyone knows books on race are big sellers.

In my quest, I learned everything I could about how racism works and what it does to survive. Racism became part of me, and I saw it everywhere. I questioned every interaction. That’s what Sociologists do best.

That’s how I found out that Racism has a Death Sentence.

The World Without Racism is coming fast. It’s movement is a blur.

So everyone’s got an opinion on it, everyone watches the news and knows a little bit more than the next person. Everyone takes their little piece of racism to heart. Will we miss it??

We all want racism to end so badly. What’s stopping it?

That’s where we are now, and why I keep asking, why are we fighting?

And we don’t have to all agree, we don’t even have to want the same things in the World Without Racism.

It’s enough that we all want racism to be gone.

We’ve always seen racism as a huge problem with no clear solution. Our perspective has long been the bigger problem.

Racism has enormous, egregious, systemic consequences, but it is only as complex as any other puzzle.

If you want the World Without Racism you can always rig the fight.

You own the ring, you own the players. It’s your game.

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