Here at Write the World Free, we celebrate August as the birth month of The World Without Racism. But what would happen if we could not honor this momentous occasion?

Without writing we could never defeat racism and that’s why we were founded. Download the free prologue and shop The World Without Racism.

The World Without Racism is a how-to-guide for white culture designed to train you to defeat racism once and for all.

While we don’t control the world just yet , we do know when important life hacks are taken for granted- (Thanks, Capitalism)- so we take the small wins and make them larger than life.



Join us this year in celebrating 3 years of The World Without Racism.

What would you like to see #theworldwithout? What would #theworldwithout James Brown or Justin Bieber, be like?

What about our worst traits? How’s a worldwithouthate or a worldwithoutsin? Human beings have a lot of potential for good. What are we wasting when we just don’t use it?

What couldn’t you live without?

Submit your ideas to our annual #TheWORLDWithout and we may choose your out of this world idea for a special feature!

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