It’s the month of August- Here at Write the World Free, we celebrate this as the birth month of The World Without Racism. Download the free prologue and shop our brand new Image Gallery here:

What would we do without the sun rays kissing our foreheads? Without the sweltering heat that makes a cool drink holy? Without the thunderstorms, and tornado seasons to humble all human nature?

While we don’t control the world just yet, here at WTWF, we know when important life hacks are taken for granted- (Thank’s capitalism)- we have to take the small wins and make them larger than life.


Mid-summer is when we really feel the heat of battle. Congress is out but the media frenzy is real!

Things won’t start cooling down until we release some of this pressure! Defeating racism is a long game. Our physical stamina causes flare-ups in ignorance. Mental takedowns confuse our enemies and throw them off the trail of our justice pursuit. When we celebrate our victories, the racist beast can’t take our resilience!


I’m thankful for our ongoing heroes-in-training, readers with hope, and allies who share their resources for the cause!

Join us this year in celebrating The World Without Racism. Do you know how to get us one step closer to fulfilling the dream? Do you think the world would be better without some thing we all aren’t thinking of??

What about our worst traits? Humans have a lot of potential for good. What are we wasting when we don’t use it? What would you like to see #theworldwithout? What would #theworldwithout some of our best and brightest be like?

Submit your ideas to our annual #TheWORLDWithout and we may choose your out of this world idea for a special feature!

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