This is Just the Prologue 

The World Without Racism is emerging and nothing can stop it.

Donald Trump will try, as most villains do- to make sure his truth is the only truth.

Donald J. Knows what most powerful people know-an unassuming Public is the perfect target.

And The State has been compromised.

Police violence coming under our scrutiny is just the tip of the ice-burg. Our political system and the police as an extension, are the structural foundation of racism.

Don’t let the alternating viewpoints distract you- The #bluelives goal is to further white supremacy. For the first time since slavery we’re seeing individual white people with power unite to further white supremacy on a mass scale.

They will use any issue as a tool to divide and conquer. This is what we know.

Racism hides in plain sight. It’s elusive.

How are we getting there? What can I do to make an impact?

We’re going to end up with the equal and just world that we deserve. Our job is to push the envelope, to speed the process and give future generations the fresh start they deserve.

Most of the anti-racism work is just seeing it or hearing it and calling it out. Most of the time that kills it.

A new awareness helps. But the better you can identify the root of the problem the better our chances of solving it.

We can all agree that an administration which threatens our livelihood is unacceptable.
We must agree too, to defeat racism with our daily actions. We must agree that each moment matters. Each moment is an opportunity to land a blow.

Activate your anti-racist powers today.

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