August Updates


First 1)  Check out the awesome cover art for The World Without Racism!

-Designed by B.R.

The Back Cover Reads:

Racism is winning. In fact, racism has beaten us in every battle waged since this war began. And now the tides are turning. Global warming is taking a heavy toll on the environment. If we ever want to survive we’ll have to chop down our greatest enemy.

“If you’re sick and tired of inequality you might have the makings of an Anti-Racist Superhero.”

You can learn how to defeat racism in this how-to-guide. In The World Without Racism we attempt to solve at least one of society’s biggest problems.

  • Unlearn racist thought
  • Practice Anti-Racism
  • Raise your Awareness

This is how we smash racism step by step. This is how we save the world from destruction. This is how the Anti-Racist superhero is born.

Now is our time to attack. Reading The World Without Racism will give you the tools to identify and annihilate racism in your everyday life. Author and Sociologist Eleadah R. Clack overturns racism’s stronghold on the subconscious mind in this how-to-guide. The World Without Racism unites the people who fight for good with epic Anti-Racist powers. Join the action- purchase your copy today.

Second 2) If you’re in Washington, DC this month come to my book release discussion on August 25th. Here’s the event flier¬†and Facebook Event.

Third 3) Finally, get a FREE peek at the Prologue to The World Without Racism, ‘Origins’

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Eleadah R.
& “The Guide”

Bonus) PURCHASE The World Without Racism on Amazon!




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