8 Goals for The World Without Racism Ebook

Hi, Welcome and Thanks for reading!

I’m Eleadah R. Clack. I’m a writer and editor, and your guide for this book! IMG_7801

As I’m revamping things here I wanted to give an update on the book as well as a forecast for what’s to come.

Currently: We’re  undergoing the editing process to make this project the best it can be. I’m expecting a release date any day now, so stay tuned! We also updated the blog theme and the About page!

In the meantime here are some of the goals I have for this project:

  1. Sell at least 1,000 copies– I’d write the book for no money, hell I already live anti-racism for free. But I am here to reach people. I want to sell at least 1,000 copies, and that’s a high number. I’ll need all the help I can get! Even if I get to 500, 100 I’ll be happy. It means that people are reading and want to do this work!
  2. Gain an audience– It would be great if that audience were just white men, but I’m not picky. Though the audience intended for the book is all white guys, anyone is welcome to join the conversation. I want readers willing to listen and try. I want my readers to want to make a difference. I want to build a community here on The Written Revolution so bring me your comments, questions and community!
  3. Reach 2,000 page views– the more this thing starts circulating the more steam I’ll gain! The more you read the more I’ll write!
  4. Help one person change the way they think about their role in Racism– Yup. One is enough. One person can have a ripple effect, this I believe or I never would have taken on this project! It might be hard but I’m willing to be a resource! I’m up for that fight!
  5.  Restore one black person’s (or POC) faith in humanity– I’ve seen so many of my comrades lose hope in the fight that we’re in. It’s tough, and people get burned out. If I can restore hope to even one of my peers, I will know I’ve done something truly special.
  6. Develop ideas another chapter for a second edition to The World Without Racism– Another reason why I want to gain an audience is to field for problems that I can help solve. A second edition will cover things not in the first, and bring with it possible print opportunities!
  7. Book the Another Round podcast!!– I absolutely love those girls and would love to do an episode with them where we talk about food, sex, love, and #TWWOR
  8. Make it big– Okay, actually my idea of making it big is to make it on at least ONE blog or major news outlet. An interview would be great!

SO! As the author, publisher, marketing and PR team I’m looking out for all of these opportunities to make #TWWOR the biggest anti-racism phenomenon you’ve ever seen! Now, don’t you want to be a part of it??

Sure you do: Sign up for updates to The World Without Racism 

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