The World Without Chapter 7

IF you’re reading this it’s because the situation is Dire.

#twwor a self help guide (2)

We underestimate the impact of racism on the earth, because there’s never been anything like it before.

You need to see the bigger picture, and the biggest problem right now.

Now we’re ready to talk about how to break the system. IN the world without racism ou’re going to get some specific ways to apply this new Knowledge.

Now just so you know I’ve thought of everything, I’m bringing in some very close friends to help with this chapter. Because I’m not a white guy, I really have no idea what you could encounter!

Eli do you copy?

Loud and clear Elle.

Eli is going to give you the most important Ally information you may ever find. You can learn more in The World Without Racism: a how-to guide.

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