The World Without #BlacklivesMatter

We’re fighting all year.


All year we fight. all year. We fight this fight all over the world.

Not just Mayday. Not just Black Friday….

We cook to fight. We write to fight. We go to war…to fight.

Racism is something that will die.

This is How to Riot the right way:

White guys- stop losing. Stop coming on to women, as if you’re a full benefits package–when you know you’re not.

White women- stop losing. Stop pretending your lips matter to you more than your privilege—your purses, your expensive Yoga-wear.

Taking accountability-

I know it’s a tough pill. — I swallow that, every day that there’s a black death, that the media DOESN’T EVEN COVER

Everything tells you black lives don’t matter. Everything in you wants to fight black women. It’s all over the TV, its built into the roadways and into the technology. Other racist people have really left their imprints.

It’s like, a friendly punch in the face–Cotto if you will…

We lost Tamir at a young age.

We lost Marshawn Lynch at the superbowl….We’re not losing any more black boys.


The war is at your doorstep. It’s not even the death of all white guys, it’s not even close. In fact it’s not even armed – but it is quite dangerous.

It’s using white lives to make black lives equal. It’s using your privilege to guide the future in the right direction.

There are worse ways to kill your time.

No more ‘this isn’t racist’ but I’m not…” It’s insulting.

No more ‘next year’ because we can’t afford to wait.

It’s deadly.

Its’ TOXIC- and it’s wasteful

We are dying in the streets.


Eleadah Clack is the Guide to The World Without Racism

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