The World Without Racism Turns 1

I was never the crowd-funding Type.

I actually hated giving online.

Not giving, as in the feeling when you give a gift to someone, but the unfamiliar digital process, the misunderstanding of how much it means to someone, how giving money builds a brand; a product.

When I was just raising funds for the Thriving Leadership Conference I was ready to float it. They made it seem easy, so I was going to write it off as unimportant.

But now with The World Without Racism on the line, my motive is changing.


Right now TWWOR is in the editing phase; two chapters are currently under review; with a pre-scheduled release of July 2015.

The World Without Racism Turns 1

I’m at 7% of my small funding goal, with an extended deadline thanks to the folks over at Indiegogo. Any thing you can give, or any sharing you commit to- Thank YOU!

With the Trip to the West Coast behind me I’m more ready than ever to let TWWOR happen; I’m more than happy to let the pieces fall where they may.

Most of all your contributions will let me know that people are still interested in the finished product. I made a lot of connections while away but not having the product ready hurt me I’m sure.

The reactions are still so overwhelming, with support coming from all directions. Thank you to all who have shared and read, subscribed and followed, donated, and more so far. And more personal thanks on the way

I think I found this topic, so that I could get through to people; so my art would reach some people where they are. So that my art could challenge people. Thank you if you can get behind it.

Money Lobster
Money Lobster

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