Prologue to The World Without Racism


The Nation of America doesn't exist in any parallel universe.

The World Without Racism has been waiting on America to live

The World as We know it has been fighting American power.

It's the purpose of humanity to act on behalf of humanity.


America’s true identity may be great, but it’s not pretty. This Nation was sent back in time on a desperate mission to kill opinions. She was supposed to be here alone.

But first she didn’t like her disguise, then she hated the shape of the earth, suddenly she was full of opinions.

So full, that she forgot the crisis.

‘Was it kill the race or kill the racism?” She asked no one in particular.

America won’t do anything to hurt humanity, but she has to do something. She trusts us to tell the truth.

But we have way too many opinions to be right.


My money is still on America

In the World Without Racism there is no losing.

There are no weapons, and no war camps, no prisoners of this war. Nope, there are no consequences in the World Without Racism.

Everyone dies from mistakes, and no one keeps names. All of History is one big outcome.

If you had to murder America, for the World Without Racism to be born, would you choose fast or slow?

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 Eleadah R. Clack is now the Author of The World Without Racism; a How To Guide on Anti-Racism for White Culture

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