This is Not Racist: Halloween Edition

How-to: Do Halloween Right

This Halloween I’m dressing as Don Draper. It’s my take on irony, because I know no one will get it: I don’t have Draper’s habits, his personality, a sense of the world he inhabits, I’m also NOT a white man…But I have a suit, and I got the idea from an old GQ post, that said if you have a suit you can be Don Draper too.

What’s Not-Racist about that?

Why do so many costumes tend to take a wrong turn when anyone can get away with wearing a suit; being Elliot Stabler, SuperMan, Richie Tenenbaum, Steven Colbert..? Seems there’s a lack of established character here not unlike my minimal knowledge of Draper- charisma.
But there is a way to get that kind of character development and depth, and maybe the acting skills to take on stoic-like 70s character costumes; by facing Halloween. That ultimate character arc only comes along when you have the right tools and means at your disposal. And Halloween is your stage.

The World Without Racism– is a guide away from gaudy costumes, through your own character arc. Build the kind of confidence you need to challenge racism, and avoid all other manner of underbelly costume gimmicks.

What’s the Big Deal with Being Racist on Halloween?

It’s really old. About as old as stealing land with a double barrel shot-gun and calling it discovery. *pinch*

Hurts doesn’t it? Maybe not so much anymore, look at that you’re already over it. Unfortunately for other¬†people racist Halloween costumes, parties, and themes aren’t a pinch, it’s more like the ghosts of dead coming back to haunt us, then learning how to use Facebook. Isn’t it about time for all of us to move on? Move into some *other respectable adult costume* that includes suits, lots of alcohol, bad puns, and maybe rap music without making half the country mad at you?

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