Reality is a Work in Progress

  • Right now humans are more advanced than we’ve ever been technologically
  • We are also vastly unequal when it comes to sharing the resources of life and opportunity
  • Despite money and success people are more socially isolated  than ever before, especially in the western world
  • There are dangerous changes in the environment brought on by careless over-development

And yet, this is not the picture of reality that’s presented in media and in every day encounters. We live as if our positions are fixed, natural. Our actions only serve to sedate our fears.  Deep inside us is the awareness that nothing is stable, and that we could all be in another’s shoes.There’s a handful of billionaires and tyrants with the kind of stability that offers true peace of mind. And they have it because the vast majority of the world doesn’t. The first step to confront and change this reality is by admitting it.

It seems hopeless to look out and admit that everything you have could be taken away by one fell swoop of a teetering economy. New perspectives are daunting but isn’t that reason enough to risk it for something better? Take two or three steps back from your individual standpoint to look at the bigger picture. Think about consequences and the social reality we live in.

I write to face reality. My words will free the world.

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